Applied Microbiology Product of the Year 2023

The Applied Microbiology Product of the Year award is awarded to a company or individual who has brought to market a ground-breaking commercial product.

Nominations for 2023 are now closed.

The Applied Microbiology Product of the Year Award recognises a commercial product derived from microbiology research that was launched (or significantly redesigned) in the last 12 months, or is due to be launched in the coming months. Special consideration is given to those products that have addressed in some way one, or several, of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that were taken up as a core part of our working strategy in 2022. 

The product(s) should represent any of the following qualities:

  • A significant advancement in applied microbiology
  • A particularly innovative design
  • A substantial achievement or improvement in performance

Winners are awarded a certificate of recognition and a unique trophy, as well as the prestige associated with receiving the prize, giving a significant and unique advantage for your marketing strategy for a new product.

AMI both permits and encourages self-nomination. This is to ensure people from all parts of the applied microbiology community have a fair chance of being recognised for their achievements. We are keen to ensure that we recognise excellence in all areas of applied microbiology. Therefore, we welcome nominations that reflect the diversity of our microbiology community. We particularly welcome nominees from under-represented groups and from individuals with diverse or non-traditional career trajectories. Click here for full nomination guidelines on this prize.

After the close of the nomination deadline, submissions are sent for consideration by our Award Committee where they will be shortlisted. After a second round of consideration, award winners will be notified.