Don Whitley Travel Bursary

For Student and Associate Members wishing to attend AMI events.

AMI offers the opportunity for its Student and Associate Members to apply, on a competitive basis, for financial assistance in support of travel and/or accomodation to attend AMI conferences and associated scientific meetings.


The maximum individual grant is £150.


  • Applicants must be an existing Student or Associate Member of Applied Microbiology International.
  • The applicant must have at least one full year of membership history prior to submitting their application, and must not have lapsed on their membership at the time of application or be presenting at the event (poster/oral).

What AMI offers

  • The maximum amount available for the grant is £150, which will cover, or assist with, reasonable travel costs.

How we assess your application

  • Don Whitley Travel Bursaries are allocated in relation to the funds available. The award of this bursary is at sole discretion of the Grants Award Panel. The Grants Award Panel’s decision is final, and we are not able to enter into dialogue about our evaluation process.
  • Student and Associate Members can apply for a Don Whitley Travel Bursary once a year.

Terms & Conditions

  • Public transport travel must be booked within standard class, using the most economical fare. Substantial savings can be made by booking tickets in advance of the journey.
  • Travel by car may be claimed at £0.45 per mile for the first 100 miles, and £0.25 per mile thereafter.  Taxis will only be paid for if no other option is available.
  • Applicants must submit their claim within 6 weeks after the event, after which no payment will be made.
  • A claim form must be submitted and supported by all relevant ORIGINAL receipts for travel costs. Electronic receipts/bookings may be emailed along with the claim form. No payment will be made without receipts.
  • Reimbursement of expenses will be made as a single bank transfer directly into an appropriate bank account, normally in GB pounds sterling, euro or US/Canadian/Australian dollars. Under NO circumstances will intermediary banks be used.
  • No reimbursement will be made in the event of failure to attend, or late submission of claim form.

How to apply

  • To submit an application, please click the “Apply Now” button to complete the application form.
  • Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application within six weeks of its submission.

In 2022, Applied Microbiology International has provided financial assistance in support of travel to AMI meetings to the following members:

Jacob Scadden, Quadram Institute

Kelly Capper-Parkin, Sheffield University

Hannah Trivett, University of Liverpool

Alice Collins, Imperial College

Lucy Owen, De Montfort University

Lucy Smith, Feedwater Ltd

Pauline Siasat, University of Birmingham

Elizabeth Archer, University of East Anglia

Simms Adu,    Ulster University

Edward Cunningham-Oakes, University of Liverpool

Mohamed Eladawy, Nottingham Trent University

Greg Collins, Feedwater Ltd