International Capacity Building Fund

For Full Members to provide resources to enhance education and training of applied microbiology in developing countries.

The purpose of the International Capacity Building (ICB) Fund is to provide resources to enhance education and training of applied microbiology in developing countries.

We want to receive applications for projects that truly aim to involve and empower individuals – projects that will involve working with those communities with high levels of economic deprivation to ensure we are reaching, training, and working with the most under-resourced microbiologists in the society at large.

Applied Microbiology International will be most interested in those applications that show not only an innovative approach, but a demonstrable potential to leave a legacy and share the project’s impact.

Open for applications 10 January 2023

In 2022, Applied Microbiology International has provided the funds to support to the following capacity building initiatives proposed by members.

Yinka Somorin, University of Galway

Enhancing Laboratory Capacity for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance in Nigeria.

Yinka Somorin WEB.jpg


Dr Yinka Somorin is a Marie Curie Fellow at the National Centre for Laser Application based at the University of Galway and will use the fund to train students, researchers and medical laboratory scientists in Nigeria to develop skills in phenotypic and genotypic techniques involved in AMR surveillance.

Ogueri Nwaiwu, Nottingham University 

Deciphering the genomes from different Bacillus species from Ugba (Pentaclethra macrophylla) and improve the education delivered in Nigeria and encourage students to initiate research incorporating molecular techniques.

Ogueri Nwaiwu WEB.jpg


Dr Ogueri Nwaiwu is a researcher at the University of Nottingham, focussing his research efforts on food safety and preventatitive control of human food. 

Sreenivas Ravella, Aberystwyth University

India UK AMI Workshop for Women in Entrepeneurship
Sreenivas Ravella WEB.jpg


Dr Sreenivas Ravella is a Principal Investigator at Aberystwyth University with expertise in fermentation science. The 'India UK AMI Workshop for Women in Entrepeneurship' will discuss in depth how applied microbiology reasearch projects can become start-up companies. The workshop will focus on grant applications and scientific entrepeneurship, inspiring women in the field to create new and exciting companies.