Registration Fees Grant

For Associate and Full Members wishing to attend a scientific meeting.

Part of the Applied Microbiology International's remit is to encourage microbiologists to present their work to new audiences and make new networks with their peers across the world. The purpose of the Registration Fees Grants make this possible for those members who can least afford to attend. This grant is available to all members, including those currently on maternity/paternity leave.

All the funding for this year has been allocated, the next opportunity to apply for this grant will be 10 January 2024.


In 2022, Applied Microbiology International ensured the following members were able to attend and participate at conferences across the globe:

Adebare Adeleke: FEMS Congress on Microbiology, Serbia

Adrian Campey: UK Bacterial Networks (BacNet22), Spain

Aidan O'Riain: Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2022, UK

Cerys Maryan: 18th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology, Switzerland

Chinazom Martina Eze: 27th International ICFMH Conference (Food Micro 2022), Greece

Courtney Dane: Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2022, UK

Courtney Hawthorn: 12th International RSV Symposium, UK

Alba Pacheco Moreno: 3rd Plant Microbiome Symposium 2022, UK

Damien Gayrard: Meeting of the International Society for the Biology of Actinomycetes (ISBA), Canada

Divya Tiwari: Research Reboot of Tuberculosis on the Keystone Symposia 50th Anniversary, USA

Janet Nale: 12th Annual Oxford Bacteriophage Conference, UK

Kamaluddeen Kabir: ASM Microbe 2022, USA

Olivier Touzelet: 13th International RSV Symposium, UK

Priscilla Carrillo Barragán: FEMS Summer School for Postdocs 2022, Croatia

Sheerien Manzoor: 12th International RSV Symposium, UK

Temitope Fadipe: Genome bioinformatics: resequencing and variant calling - virtual course

Mary McCabe: 12th International RSV Symposium, UK

Natalia Zaykalove: ESVV 2022 12th International Congress for Veterinary Virology, Belgium

Precious Obioha Owuamalam: 7th Molecular Microbiology Conference, UK