Our purpose

A conduit for scientific discovery to improve the planet for all.

We fundamentally believe that global challenges need to be solved by global, interdisciplinary experts who apply their diverse experience and unique voices to achieve a common goal. Because of this, we’re a truly inclusive, international organisation.

What we do

We bring the microbiology community together across borders and disciplines, we look to the future and nurture those working and studying in our field, and we enable meaningful collaboration to advance scientific impact.

We provide funding to encourage research and broad participation at our events and to ensure diverse voices are around the table working together to solve the sustainability development goals we’ve chosen to support.

At Applied Microbiology International we publish an industry leading magazine, The Microbiologist, and in partnership with Oxford University Press, we publish three internationally acclaimed journals. We nurture early careers, recognise advancements, and celebrate professional capabilities through our prestigious awards. We enable collaboration between global interdisciplinary teams, use our collective expertise to influence policy across the globe and work to inspire the next generation of microbiologists. Applied Microbiology International is a conduit for scientific discovery to improve the planet for all.

We give a voice to applied microbiologists around the world, amplifying our collective influence and informing international, evidence-based, decision making.

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