Our team

The organisation is managed in a participatory way by members through an Executive Committee, supported by a team of administration staff.

The Executive Committee (EC) is AMI’s governing body, which comprises thirteen trustees, each of whom is responsible for the successful running of the organisation. The EC meets three times a year and is the only decision-making body of the organisation: it develops and oversees the progress of AMI’s strategy, defines policy, agrees the organisation’s business plan and monitors the progress of all of AMI’s activities. Along with the Chief Executive of the organisation the EC ensure the effective management and custody of all AMI assets as they are used to deliver the organisation’s charitable objectives. All decisions taken by the EC are reported to Members at the AGM.

The day-to-day operation of AMI is delegated to the Chief Executive who is accountable to the President and General Secretary. The team are ultimately accountable to the Chief Executive, and each AMI department is overseen by a designated Officer, to ensure continuity between the strategic direction, the operations and governance of the organisation.

The Finance, Audit and Risk Subcommittee meets four times a year and is responsible for advising the EC on the application and use of resources, risk management practices and monitors the organisation’s planning process. The subcommittee also review the annual management accounts and annual financial accounts with the auditors before recommending them for approval to the EC. The subcommittee is chaired by the Treasurer, and its membership includes the Officers, the Chief Executive, two elected Members of AMI and one representative from outside AMI who brings specialist knowledge.

The Editorial Team of The Microbiologist is responsible for planning, sourcing and commisioning all contents of the digital magazine. Their job is to support authors and journalists, monitor writing progress, and act as central point of contact for all contributors.