Involvement in policy boosts our global influence in microbiology, emphasizes its significance in STEM, and directly contributes to saving lives and the planet.

You don’t need to be a policy expert to make a difference

‘Policy’ can seem a daunting and unrelated field to academia. However, it’s a fantastic way to expand the reach & impact of your research – your findings could help inform and influence the decisions of policymakers!


What getting involved looks like

We have policy work running throughout the year. This can involve us writing responses to consultations released by the government or producing policy briefings to share with policymakers to help inform their decisions. To do these things, we take the expertise of our members (you!) and translate your research into a format that is digestible to a non-expert audience, so you don’t need to know about policy to get involved.


What we need from you, to get you involved

– it’s simple! All we need is your name, contact details and a couple of sentences on your research / the area you are working in. We can then contact you whenever a relevant piece of policy work comes up and you can choose to get involved if you wish to. The perks? Your research will be shared with the decision-makers of the country and beyond. For any piece of work you get involved with, we will list your name and institution as a key contributor – a great addition to the CV.