Solving global challenges, one microbe at a time.

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Advisory Groups

A community of microbiologists tackling global challenges

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Policy statements and consultation responses

Applied Microbiology International frequently responds to requests from policymakers for evidence and information, working in tandem with our members and partners.

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Global Ambassadors

Global Ambassadors promote our strategy and are a key source of information about our work.

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Our Purpose

A conduit for scientific discovery to improve the planet for all.



Share your story!

We are looking for AMI members to share their neurodiversity story. By sharing lived experiences as a neurodiverse person, we can help to educate, empower and change negative misconceptions about neurodiversity.

We will be collating your responses to feature in an article in The Microbiologist, our online publication, which will be shared as part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week taking place on the 18-24 March.