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Your research can help inform and shape the ideas and decisions of decision-makers across the globe. Find out more about what policy is and why your work is significant here.


Proactive Policy Work

Applied Microbiology International’s Policy Team identifies hot topics in the policymaking sphere that are relevant to microbiology; they produce policy briefings, hold exciting events and publish policy papers with the input and expertise of our members and partners.

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Reactive Policy Work

Applied Microbiology International frequently responds to requests from policymakers for evidence and information, working in tandem with our members and partners.


Our Networks

Get to know who we work with to further the influence and reach of microbiology across the globe.


Science in Parliament Magazine

The Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, founded in 1939, is a major focus for scientific and technological issues providing a liaison between Parliamentarians and scientific bodies, science-based industry and the academic world.