One Health

We believe in a One Health approach to UN SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Communicable diseases remain one of the major causes of mortality worldwide. There are disparities in the numbers of individuals affected by disease between low-and-middle-income countries and those in developed nations. Despite the biological and clinical knowledge of health and disease expanding every single day, people are still dramatically affected by treatable and curable diseases across the world, every single day.

Microorganisms are often associated closely with disease, commonly as a causative agent. However, it is essential to recognise that microbes are also an essential tool in the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases. Microbes will play in important role in drug discovery: producing anticancer drugs and antimicrobials. Applying One Health principles, to understand the interaction of pathogens and the human host, development of diagnostics, treatments, and disease prevention, applied microbiologists can shape global health and wellbeing outcomes.

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One Health news

12 Jun 2023
Gene deletion toolkit makes pathogen easier to study

Scientists have created a toolkit to delete genes in Achromobacter, making the deadly bacterium tractable for research purposes.

07 Jun 2023
Microbiome takes centre stage at keynote lecture

A fascinating talk on microbiome disruption and restoration was delivered by Dr Martin Blaser for the Ashford Memorial Lecture 2023.

27 Mar 2023
Doing something scary every week

Professor James Ebdon reveals his experience of pitching bacteriophages to the Commons Science and Technology Committee.

23 Jan 2023
AMI pitches Government to develop pathway to phage therapy

Applied Microbiology International is urging the UK Government to launch an inquiry to explore the regulatory barriers and opportunities for bacteriophage therapy in the UK, in order to explore their potential as an alternative or addition to conventional antimicrobial drugs.

23 Jan 2023
AMI’s pitch on bacteriophages is winner of My Science Inquiry

Applied Microbiology International’s pitch to explore bacteriophages as an alternative to antimicrobial drugs has been selected by the Commons Science and Technology Committee as the winner of the My Science inquiry.

29 Nov 2022
AMI holds roundtable to discuss UK's AMR 5-year National Action Plan

On 29 November 2022, AMI held a roundtable with policy experts on the next steps for the UK with regards to AMR.



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