We're excited to welcome you to the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol, UK, for the Letters in Applied Microbiology Early Career Scientist Research Symposium on 15 May 2024. The symposium, now in its thirteenth year, offers a unique platform for emerging microbiologists to present their research, connect with colleagues, and gain insights from experienced professionals in the field.

Whether it's your first time attending a scientific conference or you're looking to deepen your knowledge and connections, this is an ideal opportunity to engage with the applied microbiology community.


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Event Overview

As well as for seasoned attendees, this event is the ideal opportunity for undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD students attending their first external scientific conference. Engage in a day filled with innovative research presentations, interactive workshops, and valuable networking. Our sessions cover a wide range of topics, from antimicrobial resistance to environmental sustainability, and offer insights into the latest advancements in applied microbiology.

Networking Opportunities and Workshops

We emphasise the importance of networking. The symposium schedule includes ice-breaker sessions, poster presentations, and workshops designed to foster connections among early career scientists, as well as with experienced researchers.

Why Attend?

  • Present and receive feedback on your research in a supportive environment.
  • Network with other students, early career scientists and established professionals in the field.
  • Participate in workshops that demystify scientific publishing and bridge the gap between research and policy.
  • Gain insights into the diverse research being conducted by your peers.

Building a Microbiology Community

We encourage you to connect with fellow attendees and the wider microbiology community by actively participating in discussions on social media.  Use #LAM_ECS2024 to share your experiences, insights, and continue to engage before, during, and after the event.

Support for Attendees

To increase accessibility, we offer the AMI Student Travel Bursary, which provides limited, but valuable financial support for those who face economic barriers to attending. We do encourage exploring initial funding through supervisors or departments first, as this helps prioritise the bursary for those in greatest need.


Accessibility and Inclusion Statement

AMI is an inclusive organisation that seeks to place diversity and inclusion at the heart of all events. AMI is keen to encourage and enable as many people as possible to attend our events. If you would like to discuss accessibility, please contact us and we will do our very best to meet your requirements. The 2024 Letters in Applied Microbiology ECS Research Symposium aims to provide informative and inspirational talks on emerging topics within the field of applied microbiology and intersectional conversations that promote the inclusion and progression of marginalised groups in STEM. AMI has organised the practical arrangements for the symposium in a way that AMI hopes fosters inclusion and respect. AMI welcomes any feedback from symposium attendees on how we might achieve any further improvements for future events.