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09:30 Registration & Refreshments
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10:10 The Pivotal Role of AI in Microbiology
10:40 ECS Presentations Session 1
11:40 Refreshments
12:00 ECS Presentations Session 2
13:00 Lunch & Networking
13:30 ECS Attended Poster Session & Networking
15:00 Imposter Syndrome: Strategies for Early Career Scientists
15:30 Keynote Speaker - LAM Editor

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Session Descriptions

The Pivotal Role of AI in Applied Microbiology
Explore the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in applied microbiology, highlighting how it's reshaping data analysis, drug discovery, disease diagnosis, predictive epidemiology, personalized medicine, and environmental microbiology. 

Imposter Syndrome: Strategies for Early Career Scientists

Do you persistently feel like a fraud despite your achievements? Do you worry that you are one mistake away from being exposed as an imposter? You may be experiencing imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome has become a popular topic with TED talks and public ‘confessions’ from businesspeople, world leaders, and celebrities. However, many of these discussions focus on individual experiences and ignore the structural reasons which produce imposter feelings, such as discrimination and exclusionary institutions. This talk provides a critical discussion of imposter syndrome based on recent sociological research on imposter syndrome and inequalities in higher education in Sociology and the LSE HE blog, alongside broader research on unequal early career academic experiences. In short, this talk will address what produces imposter feelings and how might we collectively respond in UK universities?

Keynote Speaker
LAM Editor - Speaker TBC