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Bespoke options to empower your organisation

We fundamentally believe that global challenges need to be solved by global, interdisciplinary experts - our industry partners form a large part of that - supporting early careers, new technologies and researching novel methods.

We want to connect our industry partners to the global network of microbiologists we know to advance scientific impact, together.

AMI provides tailored marketing and advertising opportunities to suit your needs, including:

  • Digital and print advertising
  • Sponsored roundtable events
  • PR articles on The Microbiologist
  • Exhibition space at a discounted rate

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What's included in your corporate membership?

  • Twelve month membership
  • Two full members (access to all journals, resources and materials like normal members)
  • Access to the membership directory - launching end of Q2 2023
  • Discount to AMI meetings, events, conferences and exhibition space
  • Free company profile in our directory – launching Q1 2023
  • Four adverts on The Microbiologist a year 
  • Non-PR piece in The Microbiologist – “day in the life of”, promoting best practise and many more
  • Ability to apply to join one of AMI’s seven advisory committees

The above forms the base of our corporate membership package, however at AMI we recognise that no two businesses are the same, therefore we want to work with companies and organisations to use the above tools as a starting point to form meaningful collaboration.

We want to support businesses to identify new areas for growth, develop business and grow customer reach. Depending on the area in which you operate, the mechanisms used to achieve this will be different.

So we want to hear from you about how you feel AMI can support your business goals - we're a passionate team keen to support small and large players in the applied microbiology industry.

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Corporate Membership FAQs

How long does the corporate membership last?

12 months with no automatic renew

How do we renew our membership?

AMI will be in contact towards the end of your 12 months to enquire whether you would like to renew again for the next year

How many adverts are included in a year?

Four digital adverts as standard on The Microbiologist with option to purchase more as necessary

Can we buy more advertising space?

Yes we have a range of options depending on the impact you need - contact us for more details.

Can we advertise without being a corporate member?

Yes, if you are unsure of your needs or sizing of adverts, please contact us at [email protected]