AMI recognises the accomplishments of scientists at all stages in their careers.

Microbiological innovations and achievements are deeply embedded in global life — in the economy, in governmental policy decisions, and in the reaches of human imagination.

AMI recognises the accomplishments of scientists and public figures in our key priority areas and on a range of microbiology issues. The organisation has several awards and special lectures that highlight these individuals and allow a platform for them to share their work.

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Horizon Awards

The Horizon Awards recognise individuals and teams at the forefront of microbiological research.

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Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellowship to AMI is a prestigious award given to those who have changed the face of microbiology or science as a whole.


Applied Microbiology Product of the Year Award

Each year AMI recognises key products that have come to market that tackle global challenges using microbiology.

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Journal award lecture series

AMI runs several lecture series that allow distinguished scientists to present their work and drive debate.