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A variety of membership packages to support you in your career

Applied Microbiology International membership grades reflect your level of capability, knowledge and impact in the workplace. There’s a membership grade to suit everyone, from a student member building their skills for the future, to a full member putting their years of experience into practice.

Learn more about the membership benefits you can access. Each type of membership, with the associated benefits, is listed in the table below. 

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Benefit Affiliate Student Associate Full Emeritus
Free subscription to journals
Discounts on meetings
Discounts on webinars
Discounts on conferences  
Discounts on publishing fees    
CPD accredited webinars    
Access to case studies    
Best practice guidelines    
Invited speaker opportunities      
Ongoing professional development certification    
Travel awards and grants      
Research funding and incentives      
Free and discounted postings on AMI Jobs board      
Prestigious awards      
Advisory groups, panels, round tables    
Management committees and editorial boards      
International and national networking opportunities
Global input and validation  
Kudos of leading/participating in global initiatives  
Discount on membership through affiliated international organisations  
Access to FEMS grants    
Free access to The Microbiologist
Global Ambassador opportunities      
Headspace mental health support app, worth £50
Media opportunities – selection for thought leadership and expert opinion      
Opportunities for journal editor mentorship      


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