The design, branding and editorial tools required to produce print and digital materials that best represent Applied Microbiology International.

The Applied Microbiology International logo

Our logo is the the key building block of our visual identity and is vital in helping stakeholders identify our brand and our organisation on a global scale. Our logo should be used in its full form wherever possible to build global recognition of our name. There is a black-and-white version allowing for maximum legibility in communications depending on the background the logo is being placed on.

Partners, suppliers and other member organisations

Please email [email protected] to request the logo in EPS format if you wish to use it for professional print design.

Using the logo

The logo should be used in a clearly protected space to maintain its integrity. It should not be distorted, stretched, nor recreated in any other typeface. Always use the master artwork supplied. 

The current logo options are black and white (reversed). You can see some examples below:

logo on slate_ice_lime_klein.jpg


Logo sizes

These logo sizes are suggested for the most commonly used paper sizes.

The width of the logo should be 200 mm for an A0 scientific poster (1189 x 841 mm).

The width of the logo should be 142 mm for an A1 scientific poster is (210 x 297 mm).

The logo should never be used smaller than 8 mm (23 pixels) high.

Never reproduce the logo on an inaccessible colour as this makes it difficult to read, such as black on a red background. To ensure your colour combinations meet the accessibility standard, you can check using this resource: https://color.review

Download the logo

As you must ensure that a clear space is maintained around the logo the SVG, PNG and JPEG formats of the logo are available with clear space already applied. Click on the required logo and save the picture that should appear in a new browser tab.

SVG logos for web

Black logo (SVG)

White logo on a clear background (SVG)

PNG logos

Black logo (PNG)

White logo on a clear background (PNG)

JPEG logo for low-res print and web

Black logo (JPEG)


If you have any trouble obtaining our logo from this page or you would to obtain the logo without clear space applied in any format, please contact [email protected].