Undergraduate workshop

Do you want to make the most out of your life at university, but are not quite sure how? There are so many opportunities on offer, but which would open the right doors when it comes to it? Making the right call is a very individual process, but there are ways to help you narrow down your choice and help you focus on what is important for you. To get you to the answers you need, The ECS Undergrad team have put together several tips that we had to learn on our own – but you won’t have to!

This workshop will also incorporate a course on how to use JoVE - the Journal of Video Experiments - to accelerate your learning with JoVE videos!

JoVE_Logo PNG.png

JoVE is the world-leading producer and provider of science videos that increase the productivity and efficacy of STEM research and education. Our library includes more than 12,000 science videos across multiple disciplines and provides the breadth and depth needed to meet the needs of science students and researchers at all levels.

Find out:

  • General Information About JoVE
  • Off-Campus Access to JoVE Videos and setting up an account
  • How to create a JoVE Playlists of your favourite videos
  • How to publish with JoVE Journal