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Originally aired on Wednesday 18 March 2024

The origin of The Microbiologist Masterclass Series is rooted in our unwavering commitment to empower microbiologists with the insights, skills, and tools they need to pioneer change. This series of exclusive masterclasses aims to provide a pragmatic, in-depth exploration of critical themes within microbiology. If your goal is to expand your skills and understanding of the fundamental techniques and approaches utilised in our field, these webinars are designed for you. 

This webinar, 'Practical Essentials of Liquid Chromatography and LC-MS Introduction', is provided by Anthias Consulting, experts in all things chromatography. Anthias are here to share their knowledge on the ways that microbiologists can use liquid chromatography and LC-MS in their labs, and aim to reduce the barriers faced when approaching these complex techniques for the first time. The aim is to give the building blocks for individuals to take their learning further, depending on the areas of interest. This webinar will encompass:

  • Introduction to HPLC & LC-MS
  • HPLC instrumentation
  • LC-MS instrumentation
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Problem analytes
  • Samples
  • Separation
  • Chromatogram
  • Data analysis
  • What next?

About the speaker

Dr Diane Turner FRSC

Dr Diane Turner FRSC

Founder, Director and Senior Consultant, Anthias Consulting Ltd.

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