Student Travel Bursary Evaluation Criteria

This page contains information on how the Student Travel Bursary will be evaluated by the grants panel

1. Relevance of the Event (Total: 20 Points)

  • Directly relevant to applicant’s field of study (20 Points)
  • Moderately relevant (10 Points)
  • Limited relevance (5 Points)

2. Budget Appropriateness (Total: 20 Points)

  • Budget is well-justified and aligns with requested amount (20 Points)
  • Budget is partially justified or somewhat aligns with requested amount (10 Points)
  • Budget justification is weak or does not align with requested amount (5 Points)

3. Completeness and Clarity of Application (Total: 10 Points)

  • Application is complete, well-organised, and clear (10 Points)
  • Application is mostly complete, some organisation or clarity issues (5 Points)
  • Application is incomplete or lacks clarity (0 Points)
Total Possible Score: 50 Points

Scoring Guidelines:

  • 40-50 Points: Excellent – Strongly meets all criteria; high priority for funding.
  • 20-39 Points: Fair – Meets some criteria; may need further consideration.
  • Below 20 Points: Poor – Does not sufficiently meet criteria; low priority for funding.

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