Professional Development Support Grant Evaluation Criteria

This page contains information on how the Carers Support Grant will be evaluated by the grants panel

1. Professional Development Potential (Total: 50 Points)
  • High Potential (50 Points): Application demonstrates a strong potential for significant professional or academic development through attending the event.
  • Moderate Potential (30 Points): Application shows some potential for professional or academic development, but less significantly.
  • Limited Potential (10 Points): Minimal or unclear potential for professional or academic development.
2. Financial Need (Total: 40 Points)
  • High Need (40 Points): Applicant demonstrates a critical need for financial support to cover registration fees.
  • Moderate Need (25 Points): Some financial need is evident, but not critical.
  • Low Need (10 Points): Minimal or less apparent financial need.
3. Clarity and Completeness of Application (Total: 10 Points)
  • High Clarity and Completeness (10 Points): Application is well-written, clear, and all required sections are thoroughly completed.
  • Adequate Clarity and Completeness (5 Points): Application is generally clear and complete with minor omissions or clarity issues.
  • Poor Clarity and Completeness (0 Points): Application lacks clarity or contains significant omissions.
Total Possible Score: 100 Points

Scoring Guidelines:

  • 80-100 Points: Excellent – Strongly meets all criteria; high priority for funding.
  • 60-79 Points: Good – Adequately meets most criteria; consider for funding.
  • 40-59 Points: Fair – Meets some criteria; may require further consideration.
  • Below 40 Points: Poor – Does not sufficiently meet criteria; low priority for funding.

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