Climate Action

UN SDG 13: Climate Action will require significant contribution by applied microbiology research

Today we are seeing climate change in action, increased concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases have led to a rise in sea levels, temperatures, and extreme weather patterns. It is an undeniable danger to the entire globe which threatens every individual on the planet. The full extent of the dangers of climate change are yet to be seen, and intervention is urgently required to make positive changes to our planet.

Researchers have acknowledged the pivotal role microorganisms in producing sustainable biofuels, increasing carbon sequestration via soil microbes and reducing methane emissions in landfill sites. By acknowledging the powerful impact applied microbiology can have on our planet, there is the potential to apply this to real world problems such as climate change, to change our world for the better. Microbial innovation will be vital in moving towards a low carbon economy, creating a healthier and more sustainable planet for the future.

Climate Action Scientific Advisory Group Members

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