Ocean Sustainability

Applied Microbiology offers a variety of elegant solutions to many of the problems addressed in UN SDG 14: Life Below Water

Over 70% of the earth is covered in water, which serves as a vital resource human subsistence. We rely heavily on our oceans for food, energy and water meaning oceans are essential to human existence on this earth. Despite this, pollution and overfishing have caused large amounts of damage to this precious resource. Contamination and acidification pose major threats to aquatic health and biodiversity.

Microbes offer a promising solution in their ability to breakdown contamination from oil spills and plastics. Exploring the microbiomes of these underwater environments is vital to better understand these complex underwater communities which are essential to our planet. Applied microbiologists can play a significant part in understanding biodiversity, contributing to solutions, and encouraging stewardship with the aim of protecting our oceans for now and for future generations.

Ocean Sustainabilty Scientific Advisory Group Members

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