Journal award lecture series

The Society runs several lecture series that allow distinguished scientists to present their work and drive debate.

The Society's annual lectures are given by distinguished active scientists who are making seminal contributions to microbiology and the understanding of microbiological processes. Such individuals may or may not be members of the Society.

These prestigious lectures invite prominent scientists to drive debate and highlight important and inspiring topics in microbiology and how they have applied microbiology to address the challenges we face today.

Environmental Microbiology lecture series

Kristala L Jones Prather Thumbnail
06 Oct 2022
EMI Lecture 2022: Professor Kristala L Jones Prather

Engineered Autonomous Control of Metabolic Pathways

Juan Luis Ramos EMI
25 Oct 2019
EMI Lecture 2019: Prof. Juan Luis Ramos

The double life of Pseudomonas putida: ubiquitous soil bacteria and useful microbial chassis

Kenneth Timmis EMI
14 Nov 2018
EMI Lecture 2018: Professor Ken Timmis

Extremophiles and 20 years of Environmental Microbiology (EMI)

Rino Rappuoli
16 Oct 2017
EMI Lecture 2017: Professor Rino Rappuoli

Vaccines for a 21st Century Society

Margaret McFall-Ngai EMI
16 Oct 2016
EMI Lecture 2016: Professor Margaret McFall-Ngai

Waging peace: establishment and maintenance of stable alliances between animals and their microbial partners

Ken Nealson EMI
16 Oct 2015
EMI Lecture 2015: Professor Ken Nealson

Extracellular electron transport (EET): opening new windows of metabolic opportunity for microbes

Jim Prosser EMI
16 Oct 2014
EMI Lecture 2014: Professor Jim Prosser

Unimaginable, unprecedented, microbial diversity: whence, so what, and can we learn from nitrifiers?

Victor de Lorenzo EMI
16 Oct 2013
EMI Lecture 2013: Professor Victor de Lorenzo

Programming soil bacteria to do amazing things

Sang Yup Lee EMI
09 Oct 2012
EMI Lecture 2012: Professor Sang Yup Lee

Systems metabolic engineering for a green chemical industry

Willem de Vos EMI
16 Oct 2011
EMI Lecture 2011: Professor Willem M de Vos

Microbes inside

Willy Verstraete EMI
16 Oct 2010
EMI Lecture 2010: Professor Willy Verstraete

Microbial Resource Management (MRM): the road to go for environmental biotechnology

Ed F Delong EMI
16 Oct 2009
EMI Lecture 2009: Professor Ed Delong

Deciphering microbial community dynamics, from genomes to biomes

Rita Colwell EMI
16 Oct 2008
EMI Lecture 2008: Professor Rita Colwell

Climate, Oceans, Global Warming and Cholera


Journal of Applied Microbiology lecture series

Albert Bosch JAM
15 Oct 2018
JAM Lecture 2018: Professor Albert Bosch

Hepatitis A Virus: New Insights from an Old Acquaintance

Koen Venema JAM
03 Jul 2017
JAM Lecture 2017: Professor Koen Venema

The gut microbiota in health and disease: potential for probiotics and prebiotics

Max Dow JAM
16 Oct 2016
JAM Lecture 2016: Dr Max Dow

The DSF family of bacterial cell-cell signal molecules

Don Cowan JAM
16 Oct 2015
JAM Lecture 2015: Professor Don Cowan

Functional Metagenomics

George Macfarlane JAM
16 Oct 2014
JAM Lecture 2014: Professor George Macfarlane

Bacterial metabolism in the large intestine

Peter Setlow JAM
16 Oct 2013
JAM Lecture 2013: Professor Peter Setlow

When the Sleepers Wake: The Germination of Bacterial Spores